The Team

University of Canterbury Motorsport is a student run organisation that competes in the largest university competition in the world, Formula SAE. The team comprises of intermediate year students, to post graduate students to third pro students doing their final year project on the car. The team designs, builds, costs and races an open-wheeled car in the FSAE Australasia competition.

UCM first competed in 2013, winning the best rookie team of the year award. The team has only improved since then. In 2015 the team won third overall amongst other prizes, and have only set their expectations higher for 2016. This high expectation focuses the team and creates a creative and driven environment.

The students that make up UCM start with various levels of experience, from motorsport to driving to welding to no experience. What is common to every member is their enthusiasm and passion for UCM. Through UCM, the students have the opportunity to gain invaluable practical skills in both engineering and business.

The Competition

Formula SAE is the world's largest student engineering design competition whereby students are required to design, manufacture, test and race a single-seater, open-wheeled race car. The competition dates back to 1978 as a small mini-indy competition at the University of Houston. This competition has since developed into a highly prestigious engineering competition with innovative and award winning designs from universities worldwide. This international competition is run through a number of national/international competitions around the world every year.

Through the FSAE competition, teams have the opportunity to test their design against their peers. Each car is judged in several categories which are a combination of static and dynamic events. The static events consist of design, costing and a business presentation. The dynamic events consist of acceleration, skid pad, autocross, fuel economy and endurance. These events all have different weightings which contribute to the teams overall score.

The 2016 Team

Dominic Stulen

Team Principal & Chassis Lead, Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Joined UCM in 2014

Dom grew up riding mountain bikes with an interest in motorsport before coming to University of Canterbury to study Engineering and discovering UCM. He was given various tasks helping out with the construction of the 2014 car before being selected as a driver; the team learnt many valuable lessons at the competition that year which they carried through to the next year. In 2015, Dom was given a bit more responsibility being one of the few members carrying through from the previous year. Close to the end of 2015 he was selected as the 2016 Team Prinicipal, a big job following the 3rd place overall in 2015!

Hamish Janett

Chief Engineer, Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Joined UCM in 2015

Hamish joined UCM in 2015 with no motorsport background. Before joining UCM, Hamish lead the University of Canterbury’s 2014 Warman Design and Build Competition team that won Best Design at the competition’s Australasian final. After getting a taste of engineering design and build projects through the Warman Competition, joining UCM and the FSAE community was a natural progression. In 2015 he was tasked with the design and manufacture of the differential mounting system for UCM15. After implementing this system Hamish took leadership of the costing team, a role that gave him insight into the design and manufacture processes used across all aspects of the car. After attending the 2015 FSAE-A competition, Hamish completed the Optimum G advanced vehicle dynamics seminar. As Chief Engineer for 2016, Hamish is responsible for the design, manufacture and testing of UCM16.

Alex Newman

Ergonomics Lead, Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Joined UCM in 2015

Alex joined the team in early 2015 and quickly got thrown into the design process. He had no motorsport background, but had enough experience with motors and mechanical systems to know that this would be a passion of his. After designing and manufacturing the pedal box, he assisted with developing the brake system and designed the tail light housing. Through being in the workshop all year and travelling to Melbourne for the race he was able to pick up on valuable information about the car and how everything works. This knowledge, combined with the mechanical engineering course work, will be fully utilised in running the ergonomics team, simulator team and designing the pick-up points and wheels for UCM16.

Macauley Pye

Aerodynamics Lead, Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Joined UCM in 2015

Mac grew up heavily involved in the cycling scene, competing in various events around the country. Though new to the motorsport environment he has always had a passion for racing, mechanical systems and anything with wheels. On induction to UCM in early 2015, Mac joined the Aerodynamics stream where he had range of responsibilities. From designing wind tunnel rigs, aiding in the design of wing endplates and manufacture of carbon fibre components. Mac is now the aerodynamics lead engineer of UCM16 and tasked with overlooking the design, manufacture and development of the aerodynamics package.

Connor Read

Powertrain Lead, Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Joined UCM in 2015

Growing up in rural Canterbury, Connor into his passion for motorbikes, servicing these allowed him to learn basic knowledge of motor dynamics. Initially joining the UCM powertrain team in 2015 Connor was tasked with designing and manufacturing composite radiator shrouding in conjunction with a prototype mechanical shifting system. Connor is now the lead powertrain engineer working personally on developing a gearbox system whilst also overseeing the development the other powertrain components.

Aaron Chinnery-Brown

Suspension Lead, Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Joined UCM in 2015

Aaron has spent his whole adult life immersed in cars and bikes. He has built and repaired/modified multiple race cars and spends most of his spare time working on projects in his workshop at home. He helped with various aspects of the 2015 car including track days and logistics. For 2016 he is the suspension leader, working on a project to push the boundaries once again for UCM.

Matt Barham

Electrical Lead, Master of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic), Joined UCM in 2015

Matt is the only UCM member with an undergraduate degree, having completed his Bachelor of Engineering in 2014. He joined UCM at the beginning of 2015 and was immediately given the task of designing the wiring loom and electronic systems for UCM15. Previous to joining the team, Matt was strongly involved in the development of electric vehicles and automotive electronic design. Matt is now the Lead Electrical Engineer and is tasked with overseeing the design and manufacture of UCM16's electrical systems.

Harry Gibson

Business Lead, Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Joined UCM in 2015

Harry joined UCM in 2015. He was a passionate mountain biker before UCM became his passion. He helped out in the manufacture of various components for the 2015 car. He was also given the task of producing manufacturing and other supporting material for the 2015 business case as well as participating in the presentation Q&A session. This year, when he isn't working on the chassis, he will be leading a new generation of commerce and marketing students to better last year's 2nd place performance, and build continuity in UCM's business and marketing team.

Toby White

Photographer, Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Joined UCM in 2014

Toby joined UCM in 2014. He studied engineering and photography in high school, this lead to being the student photographer for the school year book, winning a Gold Arts Award and the Engineering Cup in his final year. While mainly photographing the cars in 2014 and 2015, Toby took on designing the graphics, sponsorship proposals and the signwriting. Toby lead the University of Canterbury's Warman team in 2015 and placed 2nd overall. While continuing is previous tasks on the team Toby is also designing parts for UCM16's Powertrain.